Hiatus over!

Hell! It’s been a while has it not? My apologies for that.

Long story short – life needed to be lived before I could document the lessons learnt. And in fairness, life has been lived and lessons have been learnt (at least I hope they have).

Basically, at the time I ceased blogging regularly I was in the process of looking for a position of advancement in another institution and it was made clear to me that this blog was not an asset but a liability in that endeavour (I’ll discuss that at some point in the near future).

Additionally, I took on another (Gawd help me and my dearest!) postgraduate degree which I have now completed.

Yeah. What the hey?!

Anyhoo… I’ve completed this…Sheesh…and now find myself sitting in a post academically narcissistic oasis believing I can contribute to the educational zeitgeist once again.

Apparently my hubris knows no limit.

Ah well… here we go again eh?!