The power of using exam papers for learning

This is a brilliant explanation of how to approach teaching a senior class of anything. Admittedly it’s a little specialised, but brilliant.


Having seen someone else blog on how they use exam papers in class, I thought I’d share what I do with them. Apologies for those that want scientific evidence based research with multiple testing and effect sizes. I do this kind of thing by instinct and so far it’s ‘worked’.

I teach a subject that is 100% exam so being confident in the exam is part of the way to succeed. It is a skills based exam so may be different to others but I’m sure this could be adapted. It is also a subject for which there are many old papers. I will have to rethink when the new specifications come out.

I have always  given students a past paper within the first few lessons. The quicker they see what they are aiming for, the better. Sounds boring but on the whole they appreciate it. I’ve heard students say in…

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