Once more … with feeling



Another year of edublogging? Yes. Yes, on reflection I think I should give this another year.

Much has changed  – no ‘evolved’ – since this project began a little over a year ago. On the personal front, the Sterlinghurleys are all a year older and this has brought with it some quite wondrous developments in their personalities. As for me, I have become considerably greyer and annoyingly more myopic (a development that is certainly not wondrous).

On the professional front, I have a new role within my school. After 6 years I decided I would step away from Year Level Coordinating and have accepted a new position as Director of Additional Needs. This is a newly created position within the school so, while the title is fairly self-explanatory, I may need some time before I can authoritatively explain what exactly I do in this capacity. No doubt this will provide some stimulus for posting as the year progresses though.

Apart from that, I am still in the classroom teaching and learning. In fact, I’m on a bit of a personal mission at present to master more of the principles of a ‘flipped classroom’ and that will definitely provide stimulus for blogging.

So, with the year beginning anew I’ve reviewed the blog here with a view to (hopefully) making some improvements. In the end I decided not to change the theme just yet. Instead, I’ve done some work to better organise my menu list. As you can see, I’ve added a few new options. I went through my archives and categorised virtually every post as ‘personal’ or ‘professional’. I found that often the distinction was blurred but never mind. That’s just art imitating life.

Speaking of art, the three creative projects I began are up there now too. I plan to do a lot more Scripture Obscura this year so they will all be easily accessible in the one place. I have also highlighted the post Your School Life so that more people can contribute to the ongoing poll I started in it. The Header Images remain and I hope to continue to add to them. I would also welcome any original images you might like to donate.

Have a great year everyone. Here we go.