Scripture Obscura: Farewell Old Man



My second Script Ob! Woo Hoo! It’s only taken me two months but here’s another offering along the lines I mapped out with “Carnage Unfathomable” (please check that post out too if you’re curious about this side project of mine).

Click here to hear about deHeer

If you’re interested, here’s a link to a review of the film by David Stratton;

Also, here’s a Link to the Madman website. You can search their catalogue and buy a copy here if you can’t find a slightly jaded ex-Victorian Certificate of Education English student in their early 20s willing to part with theirs.



Ps. A couple of points about the production values on this podcast:

  • Apologies for the occasional beat box effect when I pronounce “p”. I was trialling a fancy microphone-with-USB attachment when recording my voice.
  • That’s not static you can here in the background. That’s genuine rainfall, direct from the wilderness of the mighty Amazon my friend … does that make it less irritating? Nope? Didn’t think it would. Apologies then on that too.