Once more … with feeling


Another year of edublogging? Yes. Yes, on reflection I think I should give this another year.

Much has changed  – no ‘evolved’ – since this project began a little over a year ago. On the personal front, the Sterlinghurleys are all a year older and this has brought with it some quite wondrous developments in their personalities. As for me, I have become considerably greyer and annoyingly more myopic (a development that is certainly not wondrous).

On the professional front, I have a new role within my school. After 6 years I decided I would step away from Year Level Coordinating and have accepted a new position as Director of Additional Needs. This is a newly created position within the school so, while the title is fairly self-explanatory, I may need some time before I can authoritatively explain what exactly I do in this capacity. No doubt this will provide some stimulus for posting as the year progresses though.

Apart from that, I am still in the classroom teaching and learning. In fact, I’m on a bit of a personal mission at present to master more of the principles of a ‘flipped classroom’ and that will definitely provide stimulus for blogging.

So, with the year beginning anew I’ve reviewed the blog here with a view to (hopefully) making some improvements. In the end I decided not to change the theme just yet. Instead, I’ve done some work to better organise my menu list. As you can see, I’ve added a few new options. I went through my archives and categorised virtually every post as ‘personal’ or ‘professional’. I found that often the distinction was blurred but never mind. That’s just art imitating life.

Speaking of art, the three creative projects I began are up there now too. I plan to do a lot more Scripture Obscura this year so they will all be easily accessible in the one place. I have also highlighted the post Your School Life so that more people can contribute to the ongoing poll I started in it. The Header Images remain and I hope to continue to add to them. I would also welcome any original images you might like to donate.

Have a great year everyone. Here we go.

2 thoughts on “Once more … with feeling

  1. Was a teacher for a long time. I did seventh grade and ten years of college. If you need some work or concepts let me know. i think you are on a good path and I wish to help.

  2. Thanks Waxy! I’m really curious to know what texts (novels or other) you taught that were outside the traditional style. Also, did you find that parents increasingly complain that their kids don’t seem to read much at home and push for the school to do something about it? Quite common here.

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